Following the emergency services response on Christmas Eve, WSP and the Emergency Services Engineers determined the area of concern was located on Level 10 of the building to the external garden slot. At the direction of WSP and the Emergency Services Engineers, Icon installed props to the underside of the affected area between Level 6 – Level 10 on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

After the initial response on Christmas Eve, Icon requested that residents temporarily relocate, as directed by WSP, the engineers responsible for the structural design of Opal Tower. This allowed for a thorough investigation to the base of all garden slots located on Levels 4, 10, 16 and 26, which determined the areas of concern were localised to Levels 4 and 10. Props were then installed to the underside of the Level 4 garden slots between B3 – Level 4. Please note that props were installed as a precautionary measure only and do not carry any loads.

To ensure the development of a thorough and independently reviewed remedial plan, Icon engaged Rincovitch Engineers to act on behalf of Icon, the Body Corporate engaged Cardno Engineers and the State Government appointed two independent engineers.

The first part of the works was to carry out stabilisation works to the affected areas which was completed on Saturday 12th January 2019.

The permanent remedial plan has been agreed in principle, with WSP currently finalising the proposal for agreement with Rincovitch and Cardno.


WSP and Rincovitch have confirmed the building is ready to be re-occupied now that the stabilisation works have been completed.

The list of apartments that require no remedial works and are ready for re-occupation has been forwarded to the Body Corporate. You can also contact the Opal Tower Support Line who can advise. Dates for reoccupation of the remaining apartments requiring remedial works will follow once design confirmation is provided by WSP.

Cardno has requested additional concrete samples to validate previously provided test results. We anticipate having these mid-week.

As previously advised by the NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts, any decision to reoccupy the building is one for the owners, residents and the builder. While we would welcome the Department’s Independent Engineers advice, the confirmation regarding the suitability of the structure lives with the Engineers engaged to undertake that work.

Please see below full statement provided by the Departments Independent Engineers on Friday 11th January 2019:

Statement from Professors Hoffman and Carter:

We have completed our interim report on our investigation and have provided this to government

We said a week ago that our early assessment showed no evidence of any issues with the foundations of the building and our interim report will continue to support the view that the building is structurally sound.

While we have made very significant progress in our investigation, our report will remain interim as we are still gathering data to inform our assessment of the design and construction issues, as well as the scope of the proposed rectification work required beyond that, which is currently underway.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the ongoing uncertainty and disruption for the owners and residents of the Opal Tower and assure them that we are working as quickly as possible to complete our investigation. 

We expect that our report will be an important input to the discussions between the builders and the owners’ corporation.


Whilst a significant proportion of apartments are ready to be reoccupied, there will be residents that require ongoing accommodation as the reoccupation and remedial works are carried out concurrently.

For the apartments affected directly by the remedial works, Icon will contact you directly to discuss the options available for the following 4 – 6 weeks.


For all claims other than food and accommodation, please contact Proclaim, the claims administrator for the insurer.

Proclaim has set up a dedicated email address for Opal Tower-related claims. A copy of the claim form is attached which, once completed, should be emailed to Proclaim at opaltower@proclaim.com.au.

The process outlined by Proclaim is:

  • Each claimant is to email their completed claim form to opaltower@proclaim.com.au
  • You should provide as much information as possible in your claim form and include any supporting documentation or comments
  • You will receive an auto-response email confirming receipt of your claim
  • You will be contacted personally within 2 business days by a claims manager
  • Proclaim hopes to streamline the process as much as possible and will initially document and categorise claims


We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the various hotlines that have been established to assist residents and owners with any questions or concerns.

  • Icon / Opal Tower support hotline: (02) 8705 3750
  • Mental health support hotline: 1800 011 511
  • Department of Fair Trading Opal hotline: 133 220

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and patience through this process.

Yours sincerely,

Icon Team

Proclaim Form

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