Further to the Opal Tower Update provided yesterday on 18.01.19, Icon have yet to receive confirmation from all engineers agreeing to a part re-occupation of Opal Tower as anticipated. Icon will continue to work with all engineers until common agreement is achieved.

Accordingly, Residents can choose to remain in alternative accommodation until all Engineers agree to a part re-occupation. Reimbursements will continue should residents decide to stay in alternative accommodation.


  • Residents staying in self arranged accommodation will need to extend their stay tentatively until Saturday 26.01.19 morning.
  • Residents in the apartments listed in the “Opal Tower Re-occupation List – 18th January 2019” and staying in accommodation arranged by Icon within Sydney Olympic Park (SOP), will have their accommodation extended to Monday 21 January 2019. Due to pre-existing events and bookings at SOP, residents will need to be relocated to another Hotel in greater Sydney after this time. Hotel and travel arrangements are currently being sourced and a separate update will be provided in due course.
  • For those residents who are not on the current Re-occupation list and will need to remain relocated during the remedial works, Icon should by now have contacted you individually. The accommodation arrangements discussed previously remain unchanged.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.

Kind Regards,

Icon Team

Opal Tower Re-Occupation List

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