Icon is committed to providing reimbursement for all valid claims and we appreciate your ongoing patience. There is a fulltime team dedicated to processing reimbursements. To assist us in providing timely payment of claims, we ask that you follow the guidelines provided by Icon on previous communications. These guidelines are included again at the bottom of this post.

There has been a significant increase in the number of invalid claims which has greatly slowed the reimbursement process and slowed payments for valid claims. It has also consumed a significant time of the Opal Tower Support Hotline and prevents correctly lodged claims being answered in a timely manner.

Common issues that are being dealt with include;

  • Not providing proof of apartment occupancy.
  • Submitting multiple claims for the same period, sometimes using different names on different forms to claim the same total apartment allowance.
  • Claiming food allowances for pets.
  • Claiming accommodation reimbursement when accommodation is currently being paid for by Icon.
  • Incorrectly calculating the bottom line total claim at a substantially higher amount than the sum of the subtotals.
  • Incorrectly claiming the accommodation rate for a 3 bedroom apartment when your Opal apartment is a 1 bedroom apartment.


Please submit the Reimbursement Form to and provide the following with the form to expediate the process:

  • Provide photo ID
  • Provide proof of occupancy with your claim. This can be any of the following:
    1. A copy of your driver’s licence showing your Opal Tower address
    2. A copy of your lease agreement, bond deposit, short term rental or other related agreement supporting you occupation of your apartment at Opal Tower
    3. A recent utility (electricity or phone) bill addressed to you at your Opal Tower address
  • Only claim for accommodation allowance (if hotel accommodation not provided) and food allowance
  • Only submit your claim once



For all claims other than food and accommodation, please contact Proclaim, the claims administrator for the insurer.

Proclaim has set up a dedicated email address for Opal Tower-related claims. Once a claim form is completed, it should be emailed to Proclaim at

The process outlined by Proclaim is:

  • Each claimant is to email their completed claim form to
  • You should provide as much information as possible in your claim form and include any supporting documentation or comments
  • You will receive an auto-response email confirming receipt of your claim
  • You will be contacted by a claims manager
  • Proclaim hopes to streamline the process as much as possible and will initially document and categorise claims

Some of the claims will be complex and will require additional management

We thank you for your ongoing cooperation and invite you to continually check this website for general updates. The information provided here is consistent with the information that will be provided by the Opal Tower Support Hotline.


Icon Team

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