Dear All,

Further to our Opal Tower update on Thursday, 24 January 2019, we confirm that we have been advised that Cardno have issued a statement regarding the progressive re-occupation of the building directly to the Body Corporate. Icon are currently not in receipt of the statement.

Based on our ongoing discussions with Cardno, we understand the Cardno statement details a list of apartments (attached) that are ready for re-occupation now with more apartments to be made available in the near future. Upon receipt of additional calculations from WSP, Cardno will review and update the re-occupation apartment list. We believe this will then be consistent with the list previously provided that was developed in conjunction with WSP and Cardno.

It is important to note that the we are continuing to work with all the engineers to ensure all queries are thoroughly addressed and that the extent of apartments with actual remedial works is minimal. We have also attached the latest WSP statement for your reference confirming that approximately 65% of the apartments are ready to be re-occupied now as per the previous list issued.

For all apartments ready to be re-occupied in accordance with the attached schedule, the food and accommodation allowances provided to date will no longer be reimbursed from breakfast on Sunday, 27 January 2019. Any residents who are unable to relocate due to extenuating circumstances, please contact the Opal Tower Support Team via email at opaltowersupportteam@icon.co to discuss further.

For all other apartments, Icon advises that it has secured ongoing hotel accommodation for residents staying in the Darling Harbour precinct until Wednesday, 30 January and will continue to pay for this accommodation and residents’ living expenses as previously outlined to the morning of.

For residents staying outside the precinct, Icon is currently contacting these hotels to ensure accommodation can be extended Wednesday, 30 January.

For residents who have sought their own alternative accommodation, please seek to extend your accommodation to Wednesday, 30 January. Should you have any difficulty in doing so, please contact the Icon Support Team.

There will be residents that require ongoing accommodation as the reoccupation and remedial works are carried out concurrently. For the apartments affected by the remedial works, Icon will contact you directly on Tuesday, 29 January to discuss the options available.

Apartment Re-Occupation List

WSP Statement 24.01.19

Thank you,

Icon Team

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