Dear Residents,

We advise that the engineers are continuing to work through their respective queries to enable the progressive re-occupation of apartments. As there are various parties involved, it is important that all queries are satisfied.

To ensure the full support of the progressive re-occupation and remedial plan development, Icon is extending accommodation and food allowances to Saturday, 16 February. All accommodation arranged by Icon has been extended as required. For residents who have sought their own alternative accommodation, please seek to extend your accommodation to Saturday, 9 February. Should you have any difficulty in doing so, please contact the Icon Support Team.

In the interim, once concurrence by Cardno on the next share of apartments to be released is confirmed, Icon will upload the updated apartment schedule.

Please note for all apartments ready to be re-occupied in accordance with Cardno’s agreement, the food and accommodation allowances provided to date will no longer be reimbursed from the date advised. Any residents who are unable to relocate due to extenuating circumstances, please contact the Opal Tower Support Team via email at opaltowersupportteam@icon.co to discuss further.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Opal Tower Support Team with any concerns.

Thank you,

Icon Team

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