Dear All,

As part of the accommodation claims process, we are updating our records and will commence making automatic payments for the accommodation allowances from the period commencing 16 February 2019 to validated residents.

To validate your claim and allow the commencement of automatic payments, please issue all of the following in a single email to

  1. ID – A copy of your driver’s licence or passport;
  2. A recent utility bill (gas or electricity only as strata, water, phone or internet are not accepted as proof of occupancy) addressed to you at your Opal Tower address. Please note this bill must be dated prior to 24 December 2018.
  3. Tenants – A copy of your lease agreement, bond deposit, short term rental or other related agreement supporting your occupation of your apartment at Opal Tower;
  4. Owner Occupiers – A copy of your Strata Bill or Council Rates;
  5. Signed statutory declaration (attached) confirming that you reside in Opal Tower; and
  6. Completed accommodation claims form (attached).

Tenants / Owners – if the tenancy lease has been terminated, please advise the Opal Tower Support Team so we can update our records.

Once all the above documentation has been received, we will commence making automatic payments on a fortnightly basis. You will not be required to issue the documentation every fortnight, however if there has been a change in circumstance, this will need to be advised to the team so the relevant adjustments can be made.


  • Please ensure all claims are submitted with Items 1 – 6 as detailed above. To date, many claims have not been able to be processed due to missing or incorrect information. These claims will continue to be rejected until such time all the relevant information is provided.
  • If you have an apartment being run as an Airbnb business, there is no entitlement for an accommodation allowance.  
  • If you are subletting your apartment as an Airbnb business, there is no entitlement for an accommodation allowance.
  • If your apartment was vacant at the time of the incident, there is no entitlement for an accommodation allowance.

Please contact the team at with any queries.

Kind Regards,

Icon Team




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