Icon welcomes the Government’s findings today in respect of Opal Tower.

Icon’s focus throughout the past nine weeks has been the well-being of residents and the safe remediation of the building, which remains our priority. Icon will continue to work with all stakeholders to return residents to their homes as quickly as possible.

Icon is pleased to confirm the construction related issues identified in the Government Report have been satisfactorily addressed with the Government-appointed engineers and are considered secondary by them. 

Icon provides further clarification in relation to two elements of the report:

1/ Reference to the design strength of the concrete hob as being uncertain.

A validation report undertaken by an independent concrete technologist validated the hob’s built strength was in excess of the design requirement.

2/ Reference to no evidence of reinforcement cross ties being installed in the hob.

Slab scan confirmed reinforcement was in accordance with design.  As per the Opal Tower investigation final report, “…the findings of slab scan are most pertinent and provide a measure of confidence that the investigated structural elements were generally constructed according to original shop drawings (design).”

While the Government report indicates remediation is required in two areas of the building, Icon is performing remediation in seven areas of the building; two areas on level 4, two areas on level 10 and three areas on level 16.

Remediation plans have been finalised and issued to the Body Corporate for consent which Icon hopes will be provided without delay, as recommended by the Report. Once consent is given, Icon anticipates the works will take approximately four to six weeks to complete. Icon is ready to undertake these works immediately. 

Icon strongly supports the recommendation of the Government-appointed Engineers that third-party engineering review and certification be adopted in New South Wales, as occurs in other states in Australia.

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