Dear All,

As per ongoing discussions with Owners, Tenants and Fair Trading the following changes are implemented to the accommodation claims policy for the yellow and pink units:

Owner Investors (Landlords):

  • As the unit is not occupiable during the rectification period, Icon will reimburse the Owner Investors (Landlords) direct for rental loss during this period (agreement to be signed with Icon and rent abatement letter provided to Tenant).
  • Please contact to obtain a copy of agreement and details on the process.


  • The weekly accommodation allowance will no longer be paid by Icon.
  • As the unit is not occupiable during the rectification period, the:
    • The Landlords will provide a rent abatement letter to the Tenant; and
    • The Tenant will no longer need to make rental payments to their Landlord until their apartment is re-occupiable.
  • If tenants are paying for alternative accommodation that exceeds their weekly rent which would otherwise have been payable under the lease, please contact to discuss further options.

Please note that any claims prior to the 21st May 2019 must be submitted to with all supporting documentation no later than the 31st May 2019. Any claims without the supporting documentation will be void.

After the 31st May 2019 no further claims or amendments to claims can be made for this period.

Thank you,

Icon Team

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