To all owners,

As you would be aware, a general meeting was scheduled to be held at 6:30pm on Wednesday 1st July 2020. This meeting was cancelled on 29th June 2020 due to concerns raised by various lot owners with conducting a general meeting online and via Zoom.

An agenda has now been issued for an in-person general meeting to be held on 4th August 2020. The agenda for the general meeting includes the following MOTIONS (a copy which we have attached for your convenience):

MOTION 8 Defects | Accept continuation of Building Defect Proceedings
MOTION 9 Defects | Delegation of functions to strata committee for Building Defect Proceedings

You may be aware that the Owners Corporation have already commenced Building Defect Proceedings (the subject of MOTION 8 and MOTION 9) in the Supreme Court of New South Wales on 14 June 2020.

Icon has sought to obtain access to the Opal Tower to inspect the alleged defects and rectify any legitimate defects but access has not been provided to date. Icon is working with the Owners Corporation and Building Management Committee to promptly attend to these matters.

Icon remains ready, willing and able to attend to all legitimate defects, and considers the continuation of Building Defect Proceedings to be an unnecessary and costly expense to each and every owner of apartments at Opal Tower (including ourselves).

Icon’s commitment to the each of the owners at Opal Tower has been clear since you have purchased your apartment and remains ongoing.

Yours faithfully,
Icon Co (NSW) Pty Ltd


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