To all owners,

You may have recently received correspondence on Premium Strata’s letterhead dated 23 October 2020 (copy attached). Despite being on Premium Strata’s letterhead, the letter was drafted by solicitors acting for the Opal Tower Owners Corporation, Project Lawyers.

The letter requests that, in the event that you suspect there is a defect within your apartment, you inform the Owners Corporation, and not Icon. The Owners Corporation suggests that, after receiving a report of a suspected defect:

(a) they will determine if the suspected defect forms part of the common property, for which the Owners Corporation is responsible;

(b) if the suspected defect is not in the common property, they will notify you;

(c) if the suspected defect is part of the common property, they will notify you and Icon and request Icon propose to the Owners Corporation a scope of work to rectify the suspected defect;

(d) they will instruct the Owners Corporation’s consultants to review the proposed scope of work; and

(e) they will seek arrangements for works to be undertaken.

As a result of the correspondence from Project Lawyers and Premium Strata, if you want Icon to undertake any works in your apartment, you will need to provide confirmation to Icon that the Owners Corporation considers the works to be excluded from the common property.

Icon remains ready, willing and able to attend to all legitimate defects. However, the process put in place by the Owners Corporation will unfortunately result in a delay to Icon carrying out any works in your apartment.

Yours faithfully,
Icon Co (NSW) Pty Ltd


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